Ayurveda & Siddha Treatment

Ayurveda that is preventive and that helps one to stay healthy (preservative), includes certain practices and procedures, most of which can become part of your regular lifestyle.

A few other procedures required occasionally would need the assistance of well-trained physicians and therapists in Ayurveda. The response and modulation of these practices are personalised to a certain extent, based on the body constitution (prakṛti) of the person and need customisation which can be perceived in consultation with an Ayurveda practitioner.

The curative aspect of Ayurveda is highly personalised, which means that the medications cannot be always generalised against certain conditions or diseases.

The siddha method of medicine is the oldest traditional treatment method generated from Dravidian culture. Siddha system of medicine is believed to be the oldest medical system in the entire universe. Because of the advancements in modern medicine there are many drugs, which often cause toxic side effects. We at keraliyam understand that this is the reason which influenced the need for other kind of treatment like siddha.